Broken Education And Society

-Ini hanyalah pendapat, tiada tuju pada mana-mana pihak samada memburukkan atau sebagainya. Selepas satu semester berada di degree, jatuhnya satu semester, orang akan berkata "keep on going", "dont give up" dan sebagainya. Selepas menghadapi segala tekanan luaran dan psychology, its make me think. Mungkin ad hikmah kenapa aku kena that pressure and tension. Its make me think, is this what i want to do with my life?, if we really like what we doing, are we suppose to feel like this?, i means feel like being push and such. Its true anything ada cabarannya sendiri, but what we do with that challenge?, we fight till we win. But how about we think does the challenge is for us?, or it just someone force it to go with it and we assume it our challenge in study?. Or is it challenge they set for us just to make it difficult to get things, and then what?. Get it?. One always complain, para graduan yg keluar semua tk boleh pakai, sebab apa?. Sebab these 'challenge' they create for them. What challenge?. Let see. Kita di beri kerja bagaikan hanya mengambil satu subjek setiap semester, yeah, its alot. But then, we got some student who, yeah, admit it, got give them they advantage of studying and cepat pick up bila study, dan teramat rajin. Okay, we didnt see that as a problem, but what about the others?, ada yang malas, ada yang bermasalah belajar, masalah keluarga, too many variable. Then, what they have to do with this shit ton of assigment?, they copy it. Some learn from copying, some dont. So many variable with people, but from what i see, education try to look it as one direction, of course to educated their student to become successfull, but they way they are thinking is more like, you clever, you know how to find the road,then you are fine, you gonna be good with all the pointers, what about for those who didnt get the road and little bit slow in studying, do they think about that?. I think they already think about that, of course la kan, dean or everything dah dapat dr. . Mestilah dah terfikirkan. Mereka akan buat kelas dan sebagainya. Ye ke?. Atau student yang kena usaha sendiri?. So, at the end, is it just depends on student on who they want to create the road to success?. So, whats the point of having a university while student must create their own road?. Oh i know, because society more like want to see THE FUCKING CERTIFICATE. But they also said graduan sekarang keluar bagai tak berkelayakan. So, What The Fuck happen here?. I am currently at local university. I admit, at first semester of degree, i got freaking bad result, with so many carries and repeat. At first i was okay, ill try, but then something come to me while i was in the situation of repeaters, i didnt know if it was me alone, but it comes to me, its so hard for me to study, i didnt freaking like it anymore, i dont know. Something comes to my mind and it had me think, WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?, others will said, you are creating your future now...... Am i?. Here, let me show something why i'm thinking like that. At my university, there was a test week, where all of subject will be compact in 5 DAYS to make a test for it. I am taking 5 subject this semester, so its fare if i got 1 subject per day. If i got it. Last semester, i take about 8 subject, and in 5 days i need to take a test for it. And there was one day with 2 subject in it. Can you guess how the fuck i study for that test?. Btw, i repeat those 2 subject. But its in the past, this semester i think i got 2 subject that really close with each other, its like one at night and other morning after. So, really?. Am i some freaking genuis to study for and just stick it in my head. From that point i already lose my interest because its ridiculous,after that i always thinking, why, why am i pushing my self for these arrangement of something unappropiate for just a certificate, its just useless. Yeah, some maybe said, its to train ur brain of pressure bla bla bla. Or is it?. Or you just being forced to being pressured?. Is it how really human learning, from being forced?. I mean take an example of someone working, his got a deadline for his work in 2 days, i mean, for those who give him the job, atleast they must have been thinking how long does it take to finish the job, they doesnt just give the job, and freaking stupidly said that it must be done in certain times. Thats stupid. Evem build a building got their own time frame. And its in final period, yeah, as expected, my schedule for final is bloody stupid. I got one week for my first paper, then 5 day for the next paper, after 3 days, i got 3 paper for the next 3 day. WHAT THE FUCK. One will said, you must study first, study early, bla bla bla. Dude, im just a human. Im not a gifted human being who can learn and stick it to my head. Im stupid dude, i need to learn, i need some times, i dont understand why human always think like everybody the same. Thats another problem. I dont know how to write or told to anybory, but im just think the way of education works in university are broken. We have been train to been forced of what have they been told us to while we just follow because of the certificate. Why?. Why cant they just making things for those who hard to learn, they got their ways, while the clever one, they got their ways. I know its impossible, but i guess its how nature is?. I dont wanna blame like im the most right human being, but i think they way education works in it is broken. Its either im too stupid to receive it or it does broken. My mind always said that why must we learn something in forced condition while we got ourself, our own body and we just gonna waste it like that?.Why cant we just think what the appropiate things for us to do, and we do it. Im always thinks that im wasting my time in studying because im not really intereat with it and situation of being forced into something. Its just felt so wrong to me. Im not in the working arena, but my sense and ask from other people, what we have learn at university doesnt related to what we work, so, whats the point of it?. Thats question always in my head. I know one will said the way we being forced etc in university will train us to become better person im working arena, so, are you telling me that those who success have all the certificate, i mean they really finish university and become successfull?. Really?. I know some entrepreneurs who only got sijil and rich now, how about mark zuckerberg and i bet there are more successfull people who doesnt really finish study. Why?. I think the answer is how they know how to become human.i mean human with common sense and know how to think with their head. Not just some only know how to shit and eat and sleep. Thats where come the broken society, i lived with people with so many attitude. Thats where i see how human is. Yeah, i admit it im stupid as fuck, cgpa didnt high enough to well knowned by people, but im always talk to my self, atleast im doing good at become human, because all i can see, some with high cgpa didnt have the sense of human being. Pengotor, pemalas, itu ada dalam characteristic of one of high cgpa student. Yeah, there also some who didnt pray, but have good result in exam. I dont why people have lose their sense in sensing other goodness from the others. I admit i didnt have friend much because i bloody have ungrateful bitch. Yeah. I didnt expect anyone to give back of what we have done, but yeah, atleast have a brain to think what you are suppose to do. Why?, why this bloody so called " clever human " have such fucking stupid mind?. Im guessing they only know how to swallow (learn) and puke (exam) when they learn. Because what they have learn, doesnt really impact to how their life. Because when someone with true intelligent , their knowledge will also bring them to their life, have you seen billionaire with freaking dirty shirt and stupid characteristic?. Except for son or daughter of billionaire who already spoil brat. But the one who making money, thats the one you should see. Yeah, human with so many freaking variable, above all i think its all depends on how human gonna react to the surrounding because our process is already broken, i know how one can just blindly follow and feel it good?. Why?. it just i cant find my self suit in any situation. I dont know why, but now i just think, i need to stop my study, and learn in working arena because i think my road isnt in forced way of learning just to get some certificate and i really do like to learn, i love learning, its just they way on how we suppose to learns, its just doesnt feel right for me, i willingly to learn something valueable that can be use in my life until the end and not just for some exam and shit, thats where we can found who high cgpa but no sense in human being because they never to, the only thing the know is study, remember and give it out in exam, does it really effect on behaviour of life to better person?, i dont think so,as i said above, if one truely get the knowledge, its effect his life capability . Because i dont wanna waste my time doing things for just one time, thats is learn and give it out during exam. I wanna do something to really give me a lesson and impact me in way of life. Its really hurt me and its feel like im dissapoint with my life because im doing something that really doesnt give impact to myself more than others. Of course i fell like a failure its all get me thinking of all i said above. Its just to much. I hope my journey in life end with well end and yeah, who doesnt want a good ending isnt?.im guessing that human with all variable and all these bullshit who make us really what we really are, they the one who create it. It just after all these happening, i dont feel like wasting my life on something that i dont really like or felt like forced too. Thats always be my question. What is it?.
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