What I Want.

I've been digging hole. Since the breakdown. The hole so deep Adele would rolling in it. Don't know how, don't know when I will ever gonna come out. One thing for sure, I know I'm at bottom of all people and myself. So bottom that Trey Songz make song about bottoms up. Fuck, I love these puns. LOL. Back to the topic. After all that happen to me, its make me realize, what I want.  Purpose of this post is to remind me that if i ever got to dug out of my hole or ever not at bottom, i know what am I at bottom who makes me who I am now. I've seen some people who easily forget how they reach the top without knowing how they got there. We tend to forgot why and how we become because for me, thats the most important part of it. You don't get to make some cakes if you don't know the material at first. So yeah.

1. I want to help people, always, help people in whatever they want to be helped.
2. I don't want to get rich, yeah, I want to live at ease, but I just want it to be just enough for me.
3. I don't think education certificate important but, EDUCATION is important. I've seen student which great CGPA yet to be so dumb on how to do laundry or clean house. So yeah.
4. I want to live my life, not what people want they want me to be. Even I got to work hard as fuck, but I know, i want it, its my life, so I go through with it.
5. I want to be there at my parents if anything happen to them. I tend to don't want me to become so busy until i forgot what i gotta do. Yeah, maybe im seen as a failure because don't have those glamorous education certificate, but fuck that, this is what i want.

You know what?. I don't dream big house, big car, big women and big fun. Nope. I just wan't to have a moment where I woke up during raining and with cup of joe. Damn that's the life I want.

© Titian Tajdid 2014