Money Is Eveything

First of all, this article doesn't related to any religion or my believe on anything. It's purely my opinion and standing. Lets talk about money.


Do you think its related?. Of course it related. Capitalist born from money, for money. But, is that the real thing about my topic. Money is everything?. Everyone missing the point where its doesn't money, or capitalist is everything. Its TIME.

Time is everything. Time is money. Where do we get time?. MONEY!. Or vice versa. Some birdy once told me that, money not everything. Really?. Lets take a step back and really see the big picture. As i said before, capitalist and money, do you believe that what you have stand and believe now really related to these two. I believe without these two you wont be able to even think about "Money not everything".I'm not saying that money is god or anything, but many people forgot the big picture here, they come up with decision without even look for bigger picture. To talk about capitalist, there are a lot opinion and debates. That's not what I'm gonna discuss about, its about money from my own opinion. I do believe in money. I'm a realist. I'm that type of guy where if I have a family, I would spend thousands of thousands of money just to get a precious time with my sons. Other than that, if I got money, I would go spend thousand for my sons just to get these precious time with him. Of course there's a limit not until I get him to become spoil brat. But yeah, we need to know the limit and learn it. I with everyone can see that. We live in a world where money is everything. Can't you see?. We live, born from our mother, we already start gambling in money. Fees for baby, foods and long story short, you go to school, fees for schools and the most horror part is when you go to higher education with so much pricey fees and the worst part is debt. and we start to live with debt. Fuck man, you see that?. How in the world you would say that money is not everything?. I'm just saying that everything that happen in this world either its money, food or everything, its depends on how we use it. How we control it. Some people said food is bad, meat is bad, meat cause cancer, they all turn to vegetarians and without looking further back or bigger picture, they forgot everything. I'm not saying its bad to turn vegetarian or anything, its just I don't see why people so obsess with their decision and tell other people to believe it with their heart and told others to make it as religion and push other opinion. Its purely stupid and dumb.

We just got to see the bigger picture, open our mind as big as we can, see what it is, think about it, explore, research and then come to conclusion, even better, after that don't hold to it as a thing as religion where it cannot be change, hold to it to something we can change, for future if there something else can make us think bigger and bigger. Mind is some mysterious thing make by God which its hold so many answer but only little of us can think about it. So, the conclusion is. TIME is everything. TIME.

Why TIME Magazine make some powerful and successful people as their Front?.

Additional rant : To all spoil brat who said their life is disaster, but instead you still got fund from your family financial. STFU alright?. Feel free to be happy and do from those money make they time as I said to make your life better. Not all got these advantage.
© Titian Tajdid 2014