Journalism Is Dead

Recently I watched new movie titled Spotlight. Its about a group of journalist trying to solve some mystery of kids rapist. TL:DR, its open my mind of state of journalist currently happen especially in my country. I admit, I was rarely read newspaper since I was a little boy. At first I hate reading so much, but later, the day I can think rationally, the news on it was TOTAL SHIT. What the fuck just happen to journalist today?. Pardon me, not every journalist at my country was total shit, but the most common, popular and main news for people to read, that was the worst among all. First of all, my grammar was so bad, even the shakespeare rolling on the grave, deeply sorry, but I try. This is only from my personal perspective where its might wrong, its might right. But above all, I was just trying the best for benefit of all.

I'm not some genius, but from my perspective and understanding, journalist was about people try to communicate and report on some event to general people so that they can understand about some accident or event even they not there to saw it live.I know some great journalist who really investigate and try to tell something to people that might even solve some case such as in Spotlight Movie. Its so in depth about journalist, if I got a chance, I really do want to learn about it more. But, back to Dead journalism. what I see now, some news that appear on paper or website, the content it just a translate version of some other journalist research. What is that?. You know there something called Google translate right?.

From what I know, journalist do RESEARCH, and REPORT new things, other than that, they write something so magnificent, when I read it, I don't even know its was actually 5 pages long. That's some good quality news where you do actually read. The problem was not the only the journalist, people also take blame from it. The sad truth about people now, they don't even try to read full sentence of an article then they just understand about it and clarify to others the wrong thing. How the fuck do the journalist need to make short and simple sentence when they can't really put it that way. But they try it, they try to make it short, simple, understandable but, its contain 80% of questionable article and when people read it, they just make things by them self which apparently also 80% is true. That's why magazine/paper still exist, they contain thousand of words which people can understand it correctly. What happen to websites?. Was there only short article about something, nope, but majority the "TOP" news that I read, some of them contain this copy paste article from other, or they just translate it to my language. the worst is translated and getting shorted. WTF!. Do people in my country that easy to understand with that short article, even worst the copy paste websites.

I know what happen, some of the websites got easy visitor usually from Facebook, they put some shitty, sexy, click bait title, and people will click it, after time, they got the top search on google. Sadly, these people doesn't know what journalist is, they do know how to read and analysis and translate, but what they doing, they don;t even care even people understand about it or not. Lets make some example, some of them website I like to read are WIRED, VOX, TECH CRUNCH and others. Some of the article really do explain to others about the topic and we can understand about it even the article was like 10 pages. That are  some quality news right there. But, also, there also some news that just "Link" some words to their other pages explain about it, admit it, some of it even doesn't relate to the topic talked about.

I understand we try to understand people with the shortest things possible so that people can read and understand. Please make it relevant to the topic. If the topic was about food, that we can wrote it just 10 words, but for something serious, like nation news, or maybe some education or information, please don't make it short, explain it, research about it, don't just translate it, even worst copy about it 100%. The effect was people gonna read it, understand so little about it and start spreading false news. That's bad especially when it regarding education or information. Main TV News even take some information from Facebook, did you know how many false things on that websites?. Why?!. Don't even start the stupidity of copy paste websites, the tags abuser, its so much negativity to it which bring journalism dead. Why, is it revenue money to important to them than what they want to give.

I really hope news and article helping people to show them some light on dark tunnel of knowledge. Its all about showing people what things are, what is it about, how it happen, the process of it, how its make, not just only the results. The process and road about it that make its so beautiful to read. Not just some article that told you what happen and get revenue from that. The sad truth is, the short unsatisfying unexplained article was the most people believed. What happen?. Do people become this lazy or they just too clever to read more about that. I do believe on good presentation of information so people become more educated and bring more knowledge, rather than just article talked about water is clear and plain taste with no explanation and understanding about it.


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